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Oct 09, 2018  
Facial Cupping

Litten has written a new set of Alicante escapades for the debut stage production of the hugely popular show. On making its transfer, writer Derren Litten said: Ive loved ten years of writing my TV show Benidorm but despite a successful writing career Im first and foremost a performer so have always been secretly frustrated I couldn't hear the audiences laughter. This national tour of Benidorm Live will not only make a long lasting dream come true but will also mean I no longer have to stand in strangers gardens listening at their windows at 9 oclock on cold winter evenings. Last year ITVs smash-hit comedy celebrated a decade of all-inclusive hilarity, having followed the ensemble cast of holiday makers and staff for nine series since the first episode in 2007. Season 10 was broadcast earlier this year and the final ever episode aired on 2 May 2018. Critically acclaimed, Benidorm has received two National Television Awards, a TV Quick Award and nominations at the British Comedy Awards and BAFTAs. After leaving school in Hull in the late 1980s Derren Litten spent a year working as a professional magician whilst auditioning for drama schools. He won a place on the 3 year acting course at the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama where he met fellow student Catherine Tate. After 10 years of working as an actor, Derren was asked by Catherine to write for her newly commissioned TV sketch show, The Catherine Tate Show; in which he also appeared in many of the sketches. After co-writing and appearing in two series and a Christmas Special, Derren was given a script commission by legendary comedy producer Geoffrey Perkins, just write anything you want as long as its funny he said; that show turned out to be ITVs BAFTA nominated hit comedy Benidorm. Derrens hobbies include drinking and karaoke, usually in that order.

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Heres how it works: Using cups of different sizes strategically placed on areas of the face, the skin gets drawn up into the cup, creating a vacuum-like effect, Nurse Jamie said. Almost immediately, you will feel your muscles start to relax and any facial tension melting away. Youll also notice plumper, fuller skin right away. According to Christina Kim, an aesthetician at Silver Mirror Facial Bar in New York City, the Kardashians are on to something. In addition to the blood flow benefits and potential to reduce wrinkles, facial cupping firms and tones facial muscles, including the chin and jawline and improves nutrient delivery and absorption. For anyone whos seen the cringe-worthy photos of red and swollen cupping-induced bruises on athletes, youre probably wondering why the hell someone would do that to their face. Facial cupping is gentler, says Kim. Since the skin on your face is delicate, use professional or medical grade silicone cups to reduce the risk of bruising and broken capillaries. It should feel like a relaxing massage, not an intense and painful suction session. If you bruise acupuncture alicante easily, make sure to let your aesthetician know before your treatment. Before you run out and schedule regular facial cupping sessions, keep in mind these benefits arent totally proven (like a lot of celeb skin-care crazes). While this can have theoretical benefits for the skin, there haven't been good scientific studies that suggest what those benefits are, says Shah.

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